How to take off shellac nails

Shellac nail is basically a mixture of glue and nail polish that have gained a huge popularity among women of all ages. It has become the first choice of huge numbers of women who need their manicure to last minimum two weeks. It is super shiny and women can wear various designs on it. But eventually they have to remove it whatever the reason is. There are many women who are interested to know how to take off shellac nails at home hassle-free. You have come to the right place as we will let you know how to take off shellac without damaging nails.

How to Take Off Shellac Nails With Acetone:

One of the most convenient ways to answer the question, that how to take off shellac acrylic nails is “by using acetone”. Acetone is a very helpful nail polish remover but it can cause irritation to some skin types. If acetone is not an option for you, we will also let you know how to get shellac nails off at home without acetone. But in the first method, we will guide you how to take off shellac nails with the help of acetone. Please refer to the steps mentioned here under:

  • The first step is preparing your fingers and nails for acetone as it can hurt your skin. For the purpose, you will have to apply cuticle oil on the skin around your nails that will moisturize and soften the cuticles. It is very handy to keep the skin and cuticles protected against harsh acetone.
  • Now get a bowl that has to be wide enough so that you can easily put your hand in it. You have to fill the bowl with acetone at least enough so that you can conveniently dip your complete nails in it. Now you will have to dip all your nails into the acetone. Make sure that your complete nails are dipped to get the desired results. Usually, it takes 10 minutes to the shellac nails to start peeling off but it can take less or more time.
  • Now take your nails out of the acetone and scrape off the flaked shellac nails. You can use a manicure stick, toothpick or orange stick to remove the nails. You should start from the front tip of the nail by placing the stick under the shellac nail edge and sliding it all way to the end of the nail, length wise. If the nails get dried up, you can dip them again in acetone.
  • Afterward, you should use warm water with soap to wash your hands and to remove the shellac remains and acetone. Later, you should apply more cuticle oil on your fingertips and reasonable amount of lotion on your hands.

How to Take Off Shellac Nails With Household Items:

There are many women who are interested to know that how to take off shellac nails with items of their regular use. If you are interested to know that how to take off shellac nails without acetone, this method is for you. It involves the use of simple household items including cotton, foil and acetone-free nail polish remover or any variety of similar liquid.

  • First of all you will have to apply cuticle oil on the cuticles to keep them soften and protected against any harm.
  • Next step to know how to soak off shellac nails without acetone is making either ten cotton balls or pads according to your nail size and cutting aluminum foils in ten pieces to hold the cotton balls or pads to your nails by wrapping it around.
  • Now put the cotton balls in the nail polish remover in such a way that the whole ball should be properly saturated. Afterward, place each of the balls on each finger nail and wrap it securely and tightly with the aluminum foil.
  • You will have to let the saturated cotton balls sit there for around 10 minutes or so. The next thing to do in this how to take off shellac nails guide is to check the shellac nails whether they are soften up or not. When the shellac polish is softening enough to scrape off easily, you should remove the ball and foil. Now you can scrape it off with the help of orange stick but metal cuticle pusher is suggested to get it done conveniently. Now you are ready to move to the final step of how to get shellac off nails quickly
  • If the nails dry up, you can place the saturated balls on the nails for a while to soften them again. You can use a cubical file to remove the remains of the polish and wash your hand with soap and warm water. Applying lotion after you have removed the shellac can moisturize and soften your hands.

How to Take Off Shellac Nails Turmeric Stains:

At this point, we will guide you how to get turmeric off shellac nails as having the stains on your nail do not look good at all. Although, washing the hands with soap can eventually help you to get rid of the stains but it can take days. So you must be interested to know that how to take stains off shellac nails faster. The method is equally helpful for the women interested in knowing that how to get pen off shellac nails.

  • All you need to do is get a bowl wide enough to conveniently place your fingertips in it. Get lemon juice and dilute it with a small quantity of water. Do not dilute the juice too much as it will not be effective against the hard stains of turmeric.
  • Now place your nails with stains on them in the lemon juice for five minutes or so. You can check after five minutes that whether the stains have started wearing off or not. You will have to keep the nails dipped until the stains start coming off.
  • Afterward, you should use a file to clear out the stains completely. Scrubbing the nails with regular whitening toothpaste can also help but make sure you do it gently and use a very small quantity of the paste.

We hope that the methods provided here to let you know that how to take off shellac nails will be helpful for you to remove the nails conveniently.

How to take off shellac nails

How to take off shellac nails


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