How to Take off Fake Nails at Home

How to Take off Fake Nails when you are messed with colorless faded and out of shape fake nails? There are multiple options that come across to help you but few of them are the ones that let you remove your fake nails at home easily. Although, you aren’t recommend fixing this at home by yourself but it could save you a good amount of time and money if you know well how to do it. Fake nail removal at home can be a good way to learn something you need.

Fake nail designs are quite common and trendy nowadays and we are into great looks when we have put the fake nails like acrylic nails, shellac nails, etc on. We are going to bring to light the fake nail removal guide here that can be followed when you want to remove fake nails by yourself at home.

The best way to remove the fake nails at home is to use the hot water. Whether you want to remove acrylic nails, shellac nails or any other type of fake nails, the hot water is the best way to get rid of them. Hot water works a bit slower as compare with the other methods but it is quite safe to your nails, fingers and hands. Your skin doesn’t get any further rough when you remove fake nails with hot water. Two other ways to remove the fake nails at home are:

how to take off fake nails

how to take off fake nails

How to take off fake nails at home with hot water method

We are going to share this very simple method here. The best thing is you don’t need that much of expertise to get rid of fake nails with this method. At the same time, make sure you have plenty of time as this method may take a good amount of your time.

Items required for fake nail removal

First down jot down and collect the items you need for this fake nail removal method. You need a bowl of hot water. The water should not be scorching hot. It should be bearable to your hand skin. A bit warmer would suffice. The next thing you need is the orange stick which shall be used to pry off the fake nail material. You need a moisturizing soap to wash your hands and then a moisturizing cream to apply after you are done with the fake nail removal.

How to Remove Fake Nails at Home Easily

Now that you are all ready with the above mentioned things, dip your nails in the hot water. Keep them dipped until you see the fake nail material getting swollen. Don’t hurry with the removal. First let the fake nails are ready to be scratched away and then move to prying them up. Once you see that the fake nail material has got soft enough to be scratched, use the orange stick and softly start removing shellac, acrylic or gel. Don’t roughly do it as it might offend your nails and the attached skin! If you see that still some of the material is yet glued to the nails, give some more time and pour your nails down in the hot water again. Gently scratch the whole of the material. You might also need a filer to remove the hard contents on your nails.

After you are done with the complete fake nail removal, you should never forget to apply the moisturizing cream, lotion or any gel after washing with a soft soap. We hope you get to know how to take off fake nails without going to the beauty salon and spending a lot.