How to take off acrylic nails with hot water

How to take off acrylic nails with hot water

Acrylic nails are quite common among the fashioners just because of the custom designs that you can adorn your hands with. There are thousands of color and design options when it comes to applying acrylic nails. There are different types of fake nails being put to use by the ladies around the globe but most popular out of them are the acrylic nails.

There are many reasons why acrylic nails are preferred to other fake nails. Boasting of your beautiful acrylic nail designs is something you would always love to do but getting rid of the acrylic nails isn’t that easier. One of the most problematic issues with the acrylic nails is to know how to take off acrylic nails. We are going to share a very simple way to remove acrylic nails fast at your home. We’d carry out a simple guide on how to take off acrylic nails with hot water.

Hot water isn’t something you need to buy from the market. It is simply available at every home where a woman is already applying the latest acrylic nail designs. Hot water has many benefits in addition to getting a flatter stomach. We’d get to see how to take off acrylic nails with hot water in very simple steps.

how to remove acrylic nails with hot water

how to take off acrylic nails with hot water

Step by step how to take off acrylic nails

We are going to enumerate some steps to remove acrylic nails with hot water. Here we go:

  • First of all, take a bowl of water, boil it to a mild hot level. You should know the skin type you have. You can’ afford to burn your skin while removing the acrylic nails with very hot water. The simple way to check the intensity is to let the water cool down a bit and just dip one finger to check the temperature. At the same time, the water shouldn’t be cooled down to a level not enough to remove the acrylic from your nails. It may be a bit hurting to your skin but won’t burn it at all when the mild hot level is achieved.
  • The next step is to dip all fingers into the hot water. You are not required to put all of your hands into the water. Just dip the nails within the water. Keep the nails dipped for as long as you see the acrylic getting off from the nails and getting defaced. The acrylic would get swollen a bit that would tell that it is ready to be removed from your nails.
  • The next step should be carried out with great care. In this step you need to take an orange stick or toothpick in order to pry up the acrylic nails from your natural ones. Start the process from beneath the front tip of your nails and scratch off the nails one after the other. In the process, you may get your hot water cooled down. Give it a break to warm it to the desired level again and start the process again. You might be required to brush off extra acrylic from your natural nails with the help of a nail file so that you may get rid of all of the acrylic stuff on your nails.
  • Apply Vaseline jelly, some moisturizing lotion or nail cream once you are done removing acrylic nails with hot water. It is quite easier as compared with other methods of taking off acrylic nails. You might get it done faster if you get the help of someone else.

I hope you would have got to know how to take off acrylic nails with hot water at your home. Enjoy the best acrylic nail designs anytime.


6 comments on “How to take off acrylic nails with hot water
  1. Jocelyne Cardona says:

    I was trying to take them off normally and a little piece of my real nail got stuck to my fake nail and its bleeding , while still having my fake nail stuck with the piece. I dont know what to do???

    • Breanna says:

      I have acrylic nails and one of them bent back wards and took my whole nail off so be careful because now I have no nail till it grows back all I can see is the meat on my finger

  2. Trena Barnes says:

    Are you insane? I’m a nail tech and I’m here to tell you that soaking in hot water will not soften acrylic nails at all and prying them off with an orange stick will damage or even lift off your natural nails along with the acrylic.
    The proper procedure is to soak in acetone for 20 to 30 minutes this will soften the acrylic to a jelly consistency which can then be wiped away without damage to the natural nails.
    Shame on you for spreading misinformation that could lead to harm!

    • sam kilbey says:

      If you don’t have Acetone how can you get of your acrylic nails of can you please help me I am not used to long nails thanks

  3. Andrea McKinnis says:

    Please tell me How to remove gel nails safely at home

  4. Breanna says:

    I have acrylic nails 2 in this morning one of them bent backwards and it tore my whole nail off my finger so be careful because all I see on my finger is the meat

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