How to take off acrylic nails diy

Acrylic nails offer freedom to women to tryout various new nail styles without causing any damage to the real nails. But eventually, acrylic nails become rusty and defaced and have to be removed. If you are interested to remove the nails yourself, here is how to take off acrylic nails DIY guide for you. Given below are some of the simplest and most convenient methods to take off the nails at home easily.

Remove Acrylic Nails with Acetone DIY:

The first method is removing acrylic nails using acetone. You have to be very careful while working with acetone as it is highly flammable.

  • First of all clip your nails and use a nail file to file down the acrylic coating
  • Make 10 cotton balls that should completely cover your nails
  • Now cut a foil into 10 strips that should be able to wrap the nails tightly
  • The next thing to do in this method of how to take off acrylic nails DIY is taking a bowl halfway filled with acetone
  • Place all the cotton balls in the acetone until they get completely saturated
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the skin around acrylic nail
  • Now take the cotton balls and place directly on your nails
  • Wrap the foil strips around the nail with the cotton ball on it. Wrap it tightly and securely so that it can hold the cotton ball properly on the nail
  • Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and take off the foil strips
  • Take a toothpick or an orange stick and place it underneath the acrylic nail’s front edge and slide it all the way to the end of the nail. Do it gently and carefully otherwise you may break the nail
  • Now pry up the acrylic nail slowly. Repeat the same with all the nails individually
  • If a nail gets hard, you can place acetone saturated ball again on the nail to soften it
  • The last thing to do in this how to take off acrylic nails DIY is using a nail file to remove any remains of acrylic on the nails and applying moisturizer.

Remove Acrylic Nails with Dental Floss:

If you want to remove acrylic nails without acetone then this method of how to take off acrylic nails DIY can be helpful for you. But you will need help of a friend.

  • Clip the nails as short as you can
  • Now ask your friend to help the string of dental floss firmly and slide it between the acrylic nail and real nail
  • She will have to be very gentle and careful while sliding the string under the acrylic nail from the front edge of the nail
  • Now ask her to move the string back and forth slowly and carefully. It will separate acrylic nail from natural nail
  • Do not try to rush the things as it may cause the acrylic nail to break.
  • In this how to take off acrylic nails DIY, you will have to repeat the same with all the nails one by one
  • Now take a good quality course buffer and file away any remains of acrylic nails from your real nails
  • Apply cuticle oil or moisturizer on the nails
How to take off acrylic nails diy

How to take off acrylic nails diy


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