How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home by Yourself

Well before we go ahead with how to remove acrylic nails at home by yourself, let’s take a sneak peek at what actually acrylic nails are. In the late twentieth century, artificial nails among women began to be popular all across the globe. The artificial nails made of acrylic which are placed over the natural fingernails as fashion ornaments are termed as acrylic nails. These acrylic nails impersonate the appearance of real finger nails as closely as possible. The acrylic nails are glued and fixed over the real finger nails. These acrylic nail designs are available in various colors, styles and shapes. The acrylic nails are available with various designs such as flamboyant designs mixed with different metallic colors and animal prints. The nail forms are fitted over the real finger nails and are then properly shaped and polished to give an attractive shine and look.

How to take off  acrylic nails with acetone

How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home with Acetone

The acrylic nails are commonly made up of a popular material known as “Polymethyl methacrylate acrylics“. This material which is used to make acrylic nails is a mixture of liquid monomer and polymer powder. After application for twenty to thirty seconds on top of the natural nails, the mixture starts hardening and reaches the final hardness level normally within fifteen minutes. There are wide varieties of solvents used to remove the powder and liquid acrylics. Usually acetone is used for the removal of acrylic nails. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes to remove the acrylic nail while using a nail case to take off each coat of the fake acrylic nail.

Acrylic nail powders are now available in various colors and by using it; one can design special effects such as sparkles, contours and the very popular French manicure. Other than ornamentation, the acrylic nails also helps to conceal or fix broken, short, damaged or bad nails. Acrylic nails also aid in preventing women from breakage of nails, biting their nails and to protect splits.

In spite of the various advantages, once the acrylic nails are fixed, it is a very complicated process to remove the acrylic nails from the nail beds. It is better to remove acrylics at the salon, but it is also possible to remove the acrylic nails within the comfort of one’s home. But it should be done very carefully if one has decided to do it at home. The natural nails may be damaged if the acrylic nail is taken off by a wrong method. The method for removing the acrylic nails from the natural nails within the comfort of one’s home is detailed below.

Materials required for removing acrylic nails at home

Acrylic Nail Removal Kit

How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home with Acrylic Nail Removal Kit


  • A branded moisturizer is required to be applied on the fingers and nails.
  • A substantial amount of nail polish remover which contains acetone or acetone solution.
  • A large glass bowl to soak the fingers.
  • Clean towels to dry the fingers and hands and old towels or cloths to clear away the acrylic.
  • For pushing back the cuticles, few orange sticks are also required.
  • Required amount of petroleum jelly.
  • A coarse and smooth sided nail file and a nail cushion are also required.

Method on how to remove acrylic nails at home with acetone

The most popular method of removing the acrylic nails is to immerse the nails in an acetone solution. One should be extremely careful while handling the acetone solution and immersing the nails in it since acetone can spoil the surface and furniture, if it spills on it. So be sure to cover the underlying articles with a cloth or towel to prevent damage in case of accidental spillage of acetone. Instead of the caustic acetone solution, regular nail polish remover containing acetone may also be used.

Follow the steps on how to remove acrylic nails by yourself

  • Pour generous amount of acetone solution or acetone based nail polish remover in a large bowl, so that the finger tips may be dipped.
  • Take required amount of petroleum jelly and coat it on the finger tips and the cuticles. One need not have to coat the petroleum jelly on the nails. This process is done to prevent the skin from the harsh chemical acetone.
  • Then soak the finger tips in the acetone solution or acetone based nail polish remover solution which is already poured on the bowl. Be sure not to immerse the entire fingers into the solution since doing so, may spoil or damage the skin.
  • After about twenty minutes, the acrylic gel will become softer and will start to come off naturally. Now use the cuticles sticks to scrape the acrylic nails gently. Remove most of the acrylics in the nails as much as possible by scraping it gently. Do note that the gel may be sticky and mushy. Be wary not to scrape at the surface of the underlying nail.
  • Towel or clothes soaked in acetone may also be used to wipe away the acrylics from the finger nails. When the acrylics from the nails are almost removed, wash and dry the fingers and let the nails to air dry completely. To avoid any risk of grating the nail surface, a thin layer of acrylic may be left on the nails.
  • Finally, apply a moisturizer of any brand to protect the fingers from irritation.
Taking Care for Acrylic Nail Removal at Home

In between the process of removing the acrylic from the nails, if one’s fingers becomes painful, reddened or irritated, stop the continuing process immediately and wash the hands thoroughly using a mild detergent based hand wash. Consult a medical practitioner, if the irritation still persists. Also, at any stage of the process, if one find’s any tearing, scraping or damages on the nails or nail beds, then stop the entire process immediately. If one really wants to continue, one may do so more carefully. Instead, it is better to visit a salon expert to continue the entire process of removing acrylics from the nails.

An Alternative Method for Acrylic Nail Removal

The alternative method to remove the acrylic nails are by soaking cotton balls in the acetone solution or acetone based nail polish remover and then placing it over the nails and wrapping the finger tips with an aluminum foil, so that the cotton balls do not fall off during the process. This alternative method also eliminates the need for one to immerse the fingers into the acetone or acetone based nail polish remover solution. This process also takes about twenty minutes to remove the acrylic from the nails. Remove the aluminum foil along with the cotton balls and remove the loose acrylic using an old towel or cloth and scrap the nails free of acrylic similar to the earlier method.

Removing acrylic nails from the regular nails may be easily done within your home without visiting a salon by using the above methods. But one needs to be extremely careful while handling the acetone solution and also while removing the loose acrylic from the nails. Patience holds the key in one’s efforts to remove acrylic nails successfully using the above methods after you get to know how to take off acrylic nails easily at home.