How much are acrylic nails?

Every lady is getting impressed with the fascination offered by the acrylic nails designs. But one thing that no one knows is the acrylic nails price. How much are acrylic nails is the question of the day for such ladies as they also want to save more on every fashion makeover. If you are one such, you should be here to know how much acrylic nails can cost you.

Before we bring to light how much are acrylic nails, we are telling about getting them on from a beauty salon. Of course, you don’t know how to do acrylic nails by yourself. You won’t be willing to buy the acrylic nail kit as well because it may cost you even more. You should buy it only once you are well versed with how to put them on professionally.

Average cost of getting acrylic nails on

How much are acrylic nails

How much are acrylic nails

When it comes to the average acrylic nail pricing, you should not get worried.

$30-60 is the maximum cost you should be ready to bear while paying for the acrylic nails.

Keep it in mind that the cost depends on the salon and its fame and popularity for quality services. An average salon would you charge you almost $30 whereas an expensive one should be charging near $60 for normal acrylic nails. Moreover, it depends if you want full or tip acrylic nails application. Check out how to take off acrylic nails when you dont need them anymore!




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