Acrylic Nails – Everything You Need to Know

Acrylic nails, the most loved artificial or fake nails in the modern fashion world, have a history. We shall take a look at different aspects of acrylic nails here. We shall get to know how to apply acrylic nails. How to do acrylic nails at home? How to take off acrylic nails? How were the first acrylic nails invented or used? What are the basic acrylic nail supplies? How much are acrylic nails? What are acrylic nails made of? And many other aspects related to the acrylic nails shall come under discussion here. They can also cover most of the acrylic nails FAQs that you may have in your mind.

Let’s take a sneak peek of acrylic nails and everything you need to know about them. Here we go:

Who invented the acrylic nails?

Like other fashion items and accessories they were also invented as their history lies back in 1954. It was invented by chance when a dentist, Fred Slack accidentally broke one of his finger nails and in order to replace it with a natural looking nail, he tailored a nail made out of acrylics. He didn’t stop there as he collaborated with his brother to put more research work into fine tuning them and registered a patent finally. They got a company registered with the name Patti Nails.

How much are acrylic nails?

Initially acrylic nail price was quite high and only rich people could afford them but with the time passing on, they have got quite affordable and cheap. There are different prices of different brands. Nowadays China made artificial nails are also quite common, all owed to their low prices. Where to get acrylic nails from? You can buy from both online and local stores. Amazon, eBay and other major online stores sell fake nails at really competing prices.

What are Acrylic Nails Made of?

 They are usually made of quite a popular material Polymethyl methacrylate acrylics! How is that made then? In fact this material is a mixture made out of mixing Monomer and polymer powder. Once the material is made to shape the nails, they are quite easy as molds are used to do that.

What are the different types of artificial or fake nails?

Artificial nails are not only made out of acrylics but there are some other types of fake nails made. Here are different types of fake nails:

  • Acrylic nails
  • Gel nails
  • Shellac nails
What are the basic acrylic nail supplies?
acrylic nail supplies

acrylic nail supplies

If you aren’t aware of what you need for the first time, you should certainly go for buying an acrylic nail kit. This is good especially when you aren’t sure what to buy and what not to. You won’t skip any item. If you want to buy acrylic nail supplies separately then here they are:

  1. First of all, you need the acrylic nail tips that are quite long and you can clip them shorter if you want
  2. Next thing is the nail tip glue to stick them to the natural nails
  3. You would need acrylic nail clipper to clip the extra lengths of the nails
  4. Then you would need the nail buffer and file when needed
  5. In order to create a harmony between the natural and fake nails, you would need the acrylic powder as well as acrylic liquid to get a mixture of both of them
  6. To apply the acrylic, you would need a specially designed acrylic nail brush
  7. To make a mixture of acrylic powder and liquid, you would require a bowl

 How to apply acrylic nails?

How to apply acrylic nails

How to apply acrylic nails

Applying acrylic nails is an art and it looks great when done precisely. You have both options to get on acrylic nails. You can get acrylic nails from a salon as well as you can do them yourself. If you want to do them at home by yourself, here is the step by step process.

  • Clean your natural nails by removing any other nail polish thoroughly
  • Trim your nails to a level that sounds manageable to you
  • Use a nail file or buffer to lightly buff the upper surface of the nails
  • In order to avoid sticking to the skin, make sure you have pushed back your nail cuticles
  • Get your nails ready to apply the acrylic nails by applying the primer to scratch off any moisture or other remains
  • Now, get an acrylic nail tip that fits your nail size. Don’t use either too big or too small ones. Use glue to stick it to the top of the nail and do it with the rest of the nails
  • Now prepare the acrylic solution by adding the acrylic powder into the liquid acrylic to make a mixture
  • Apply on the line between the natural and acrylic nails with the help of the brush and let it soak for few seconds
  • Now, that you are all done with application, take a course file and file them down the length required

How to take off acrylic nails

How to take off acrylic nails

How to take off acrylic nails

Whenever you want to get rid of your old fake nails, you might be looking the way on how to do them. Of course you can get salon services if you can afford. Otherwise, you can do it on your own at home, with a little practice. There are different methods of removing acrylic nails. Here they are:

Acrylic Nail Designs

Nowadays, there are plenty of options when it comes to acrylic nail designs. You can, in fact, choose the theme as per your dressing and makeup. Acrylic manicure is quite popular nowadays. You can get to see lots of options at our acrylic nail designs gallery.

acrylic nails designs

acrylic nails designs







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